EcoGritis an environmentally conscious company that would like to serve the people by offering them education, insight, “peace of mind” and the chance to make a positive difference on a monumental scale at a time when winter weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable.


UK becomes first major economy to pass net zero emissions law

The aim is to slow Global Warming. The problem a country like ours faces, is it becomes colder in the winter. We can barely cope now when the ice and snow arrives even in short spells. We have never created a proper product to help in these situations as they didn’t arise so often. We had been more than happy to use rock salt as it works to -6C, is easily available and cheap. We have always overlooked the fact that this product is not only damaging to our environment and super corrosive to anything it contacts because we didn’t use it that often in the past.

Times are changing and we need to
change with them. 


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Areas, where rock salt is used most, is quite evident. Potholes are in abundance and the whole road surface is starting to fall apart. The government recognises and accepts an overall deterioration of 3% annually to our roads from this. At this rate, we don’t have the manpower to fix the entire network of existing potholes in a 12 month period.

We now have the technology which the government passed in 2019, thermal road repairs. Even if we fixed all the potholes permanently (trying to fix all the potholes in a 12 month period would cause massive delays to commuters and traffic), we would still have a problem with the deterioration of the road surface.


As we push to reduce our CO2 emissions, the winters will get harsher. If we continue to throw more rock salt at the problem then we WILL accelerate the deterioration of our roads and infrastructure. With ever-increasing vehicles, our road network will struggle to cope and roads would crumble more quickly. 

 An option on the market at the moment is urea. Many products claiming to be pet-friendly and environment-friendly are just 100% urea. This product hasn’t been designed for this purpose and if used on a large scale will cause us an environmental nightmare (toxic algae blooms).


In many areas around the country, people are being forced to use deicing and rock salt to keep their driveways and paths clear. This isn’t an ideal solution because of the risk it poses to pets, garden and home. We don’t want to destroy our own property just so we can access it but that is what’s happening. As the temperature changes, it is going to become a problem for more and more people. The more we have to use rock salt then the quicker we deteriorate our homes. People in hilly areas or homes that have driveways on a slope, need to keep these areas ice-free to allow access in and out of the property as well as to prevent vehicles from sliding when they are parked.

 As temperatures drop this is going to be a growing problem as we go forward, as many people have vehicles under contracts where they swap vehicles every couple of years. When you swap you often have to pay for any damage to the vehicle, which can be costly. If your vehicle slides overnight and causes damage to itself or others then it is you footing the bill.


  • Rock salt, which is the main thing used for gritting our roads and carparks, is mined from deep in the ground and contains toxins and heavy metals. We throw this in great quantities (over 2 000 000 tons annually), all over the country.

  • After it has started to eat away at our roads (tarmac [asphalt], concrete) causing deterioration and potholes, it gets washed away down the drains damaging everything it contacts until it ends up back in the watercourse causing problems for the aquatic creatures and anything linked to the water.

  • Rock salt only works down to -6 Centigrade before freezing and becoming useless. Random weather patterns across the UK are bringing temperatures of much lower.

  • Many vehicles that use our roads rust from the underneath because of the rock salt put down in the winter, making Ecogrit an excellent rock salt alternative.

Ecogrit Concentrate are here to offer a solution and a chance to start
to change things for the better. 

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