Commercial Ice Melt


commercial ice melt

How to keep commercial areas slip-free this winter?

Winter weather can cause havoc for commercial premises for all kinds of reasons. Stormy conditions can prevent customers from accessing your products or services. At the same time, black ice and snow bring with them plenty of other health and safety considerations, such as dangerous slips and falls.

Some important areas for businesses to keep clear of black ice settling, snow, and stubborn frost include main entrances, car parking areas, driveways, walkways and exterior communal areas with commercial ice melt. These can also be kept clear with some pre-planning and plenty of stocks of the right kind of environmentally safe, highly effective commercial ice melt.

What is commercial ice melt?

Commercial ice melt is a product that helps clear frozen ice and snow to clean exterior surfaces in sub-zero conditions. It works to stop people from experiencing a slip and fall on slippery ice and prevent vehicles from skidding and becoming damaged as they slide across the icy road. EcoGrit is a commercial grade ice melt that works down to minus 20 degrees °C and can be applied the night before an expected frost or snowfall. This can help keep commercial operations moving in challenging winter weather conditions and protect staff and customers.

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What are the risks of black ice and settled snow?

Black ice is hazardous because it is so slippery and almost impossible to see until stepping right onto it. Settled snow also leaves a slippery, traction-free surface that can be incredibly hard to walk or drive on. If left untreated, ice melting can take several hours to return the surface to a safe state once again. This can lead to unwise risks being taken to navigate the frozen surface too quickly or without enough care for busy people.

This can lead to slips and falls requiring emergency medical treatment. Some of the health and well-being-related repercussions that come from slipping or falling on black ice or settled snow can include broken or sprained limbs, grazes and bruises, and whiplash from being inside a moving vehicle involved in a collision. Another repercussion can be felt when renewing vehicle insurance since an accident will push your premiums up.

How to keep people and pets safe around your business?

When choosing how to clear ice or snow from commercial premises, it is always best to choose a pet-friendly ice melt. That way, you can be sure that any animals that venture onto treated areas of frozen ice or snow can be kept safe and not contaminated from any residues of rock salt or urea.

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To keep people and pets safe, treat frozen surfaces with ice melt ice regularly to prevent slips or slides and always use a pet-safe formula so that any residues are harmless too. That way, both two-legged and four-legged visitors to your site can be kept safe and sound during sub-zero temperatures.

How to protect the environment while using ice melt?

EcoGrit’s salt-free, urea-free formula doesn’t leave any harmful residue in melting water or surrounding ecosystems. It is also a safe paw product, which is harmless for dogs, cats and other pets and wildlife that come into contact with it. Plus, if EcoGrit enters groundwater and surrounding ecosystems, it will not adversely affect the nearby wildlife as the organically-derived ingredients are animal-safe, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.

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Safe ice melting for animal-based businesses

EcoGrit ice remover has been specially formulated for animal-based businesses, such as stables, farms, zoos and veterinary surgeries. Heavy-traffic areas such as stable yards, visitor or customer car parks, paddocks and fields can be kept clear of slippery ice safely and sustainably. Even if animals do not usually go to the treated areas, dangerous residues of salt can still be washed into other parts of the business in the melted water. Therefore, the same levels of care must be applied to ensure that harmful ingredients are not introduced onto the premises unnecessarily.

The best way to de-ice public places and parking areas

Unlike other ice melt products that contain sodium chloride, salt-free EcoGrit will not corrode vehicles or damage people’s footwear. It works as an excellent, organically-derived ice melter for public places and parking areas. EcoGrit is the perfect choice for treating areas used by vehicles and pedestrians, such as car parks and outdoor amenities. It is in a commercial premises’ best interests to get the snow melting underway as quickly as possible. EcoGrit starts work as soon as applied and can remain effective for up to seven days, and it can be used before an expected frost to help keep black ice and snow from settling in the first place.