Urea (also called carbamide) is a chemical that you will find in most fertilizer formulas and “pet-friendly” de-icers. 

Urea, also known as carbamide, is an organic compound and waste product excreted by many living organisms. It is the main component of human urine. The body accumulates nitrogenous waste from the breakdown of protein. When amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are metabolized, they are converted into ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water. Since ammonia is toxic, it cannot remain in the body for long periods of time. Aquatic animals release ammonia directly into the water. It is 46% nitrogen.

But that same nitrogen is often a problem when used heavily in winter applications as it can burn turf and shrubs with over application.

Like any deicer used in excess (except EcoGrit Concentrate), products with urea can burn vegetation and cause damage.

Urea pollution can trigger ocean algae to produce a deadly toxin called domoic acid, scientists have discovered.

The research may help explain several mass animal deaths, including a historic bird stranding event thought to have inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film The Birds.

While it works extremely well as a fertilizer ingredient, it is only moderately effective as an ice melter.

As the old saying goes, as an ice-melt chemical it’s better than nothing – but not by much.


what is urea fertilizer plant
Urea Fertilizer Plant


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In liquid form, it could also be used in the following, just for example:

The list is quite endless, it is up to your own imagination, as the product is safe and doesn’t damage, it protects.

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