Pet friendly 1.2 kg handheld Deicer Shakers x3

£24.99 Excl VAT

Pet friendly EcoGrit Concentrate
3 x 1.2 kg Handheld Bottle
with double shaker cap
3 x 80 square metres

Price includes P&P (UK Mainland only)

Note: Highlands P&P charges apply.

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 Pet friendly Handheld Deicer Shakers (x3) delivered for £29.99

Each shaker weighs 1.2 kg and can cover an area of up to 80 m2. The shaker is easy to grip, thanks to its square design.


Staying safe

A good idea is to keep one in the car, one at the front door and the other at the back, or give it as a gift. Show someone you care about them this winter.

Preventing and removing ice from our homes is important over the winter months to reduce the risks of injury from slips and falls.

In the past, there have been very few safe options to use around your home, especially if you pride your garden, have pets, or have children. That is until now.

EcoGrit Concentrate is here to change all of that. In tests, it starts working faster than any of the competitors. It is non-corrosive, biodegradable, and truly safe to use around pets, plants and children. Even if ingested, it is safe and doesn’t require any special handling or storage. Just keep the lid shut and the container in a dry place, and the product will be good from one year to the next.


Protecting our environment

EcoGrit Concentrate has been designed with both the environment and wildlife in mind. If used in large quantities, it causes no environmental issues, unlike most of our competitors whose “pet-friendly & environmentally friendly” formulas are 100% Urea (also called carbamide which is 46% Nitrogen).

Be warned – over usage of urea is a disaster waiting to happen because it causes toxic algae blooms linked to the large scale death of animals by producing a toxin called domoic acid.


Home or work?

EcoGrit Concentrate is safe to use in any situation. It is in granular form, meaning it breaks down so small that there is no mess getting walked into buildings or vehicles.

Our product dissolves as it melts snow and ice and creates a deicing layer on the ground that doesn’t re-freeze, even at low temperatures, meaning you don’t need to apply it every day.

With a liberal sprinkling, a path can stay ice-free for up to 7 days, depending on conditions.


No repair costs

Since our product is non-corrosive (data sheet available on the website), it doesn’t damage tarmac, concrete or any of the new materials being used today, like resin for driveways. It also contains rust inhibitors, creating a protective barrier for any metalwork it comes in contact with.


Changing weather patterns

Our product works at temperatures of at least -20 °C, whereas rock salts freeze at -7 °C, rendering them useless.

Now that weather patterns are changing; we need to change the way we deal with this.

Snap cold spells in different areas can cause us problems: cars slide if parked on sloped driveways;  the chance of a vehicle getting stranded on ice increases.

These are not good situations to have. No one likes to claim their own insurance to fix car damage, and nobody wants to abandon their vehicle. Finding your way home, especially at night alone, is not ideal.



  • By carrying the container in your car, you will be able to reduce the chance of getting stranded on the ice.
  • Sprinkling some product around your tyres can prevent your vehicle from sliding if parked on a slope.
  • Mixing 100 g with a litre of water to make a spray for your car windows and locks.



We always like to hear your thoughts, ideas and experiences. Please message us or contact us through our Facebook page.

Disclaimer - EcoGrit can not be held liable for any injury or damage caused when using our product.​