Pet Friendly 1.2 Kg Handheld Deicer Shakers x4

£32.49 Excl VAT

Pet Friendly EcoGrit Concentrate
4 x 1.2 kg Handheld Bottle
with double shaker cap
4 x 80 square metres

Price includes P&P (UK Mainland only)

Note: Highlands P&P charges apply.

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Pet friendly ice melt granules

These four shakers comes delivered for only £39.99

It stands 20 cm tall, weighs about 1.2 kg and can cover a single area of about 80 m2. It is ideal if you just have a few steps and a pathway or if you want to store it as an emergency item in your car.

Benefits of EcoGrit Concentrate

  • Pet-friendly
  • Garden-friendly
  • Safe around children
  • Non-corrosive
  • No-refreeze because it works at -20 °C and below
  • Biodegradable
  • Concentrated so less bulky
  • Soluble in water (create a spray)


Use at home

Applying it the night before to stop ice forming is always safer but can also be used afterwards to get rid of ice and snow.

This product will not damage your driveway whether it is tarmac, concrete, block paving or any of these new resin types, therefore, saving you money on repairs.

It won’t harm your plants and is safe to use around ponds with fish. Because EcoGrit Concentrate is granular in form, it breaks down, leaving no mess to walk inside.

Because it works to such low temperatures (-20 °C), it does not re-freeze, meaning you don’t have to apply it every day.

Handy tip

  • EcoGrit Concentrate is soluble.
  • Just add 100 g of product to a litre of water and shake/mix it. You then have a safe liquid de-icer.
  • Use it on car windows, steps, windows, handrails, bird tables, anywhere you can think of.

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Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Disclaimer - EcoGrit can not be held liable for any injury or damage caused when using our product.​