Bucket Pallets - 1 to 5 layers (20 units per layer )

£360.00£1,540.00 Excl VAT

Price includes P&P (UK Mainland only)

Note: Highlands P&P charges apply.

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Each pallet of buckets can range from 1 layer (20 units) up to 5 layers (100 units) and is delivered anywhere on mainland UK.

  • Every bucket contains a scoop for easy application.
  • Each bucket contains approx. 5kg of granular product which could cover an area up to 350 m2.

For larger orders or orders with multiple addresses, please call or message our sales team for help.


Benefits of EcoGrit Concentrate, the safe alternative to rock salt and urea.

  • Non-corrosive (unlike rock salt), therefore saves you lots of money on repairs and maintenance.
  • Garden friendly so staff can safely use it at home.
  • Biodegradable so doesn’t damage the environment and ticks a “GREEN” box for the company.
  • works at -20C giving peace of mind when temperatures suddenly drop (rock salt becomes ineffective at -7C).
  • No re-freeze so doesn’t need putting down daily.
  • Contains rust inhibitors so no problem to use around vehicles and metalwork.
  • Non-harmful to animals and wildlife (in case security use dogs), even if ingested.
  •  Safe around children and vulnerable people.
  • Can be stored for use year after year.


Unpredictable weather patterns

Now that temperatures are getting colder, but we don’t know what areas will be affected, people out working in their vehicles are at risk of getting stranded.

Buckets are an ideal size to keep in vehicles for staff, whether its to make sure that they can get to work or are working out on the road.

Ideal for:

  • staff  vehicles
  • mobile postal workers
  • tradesmen
  • engineers out in the field
  • delivery drivers
  • taxis
  • and so much more…

Nobody wants to have staff that can’t make it into work. Key workers not turning up could really affect the running of your business.

No businesses large or small wants field staff stranded somewhere, maybe missing appointments and deliveries for the day, whilst still getting paid.

Bonus tip

EcoGrit Concentrate can be mixed with water to create a liquid de-icer (50-100g/litre). This can be used in so many situations.


For more ideas on where this product can be used, please read our about section.

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Disclaimer - EcoGrit can not be held liable for any injury or damage caused when using our product.​

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