We are a business that’s known for providing eco-friendly de-icer products that is much gentler than rock salt. Our goods are capable of melting snow and ice in farmyards, driveways, and car parks. They work wonders on steps and paths as well. In addition to being more economical than salt, they prevent re-freezing and work for longer.

There are some huge issues with using regular rock salt in large quantities. To begin with, it poses a danger to animals. Moreover, it can harm vegetation with ease. For plants specifically, the damage occurs when their roots and foliage encounter water with significant salt content. However, with EcoGrit deicers and ice melts are great rock salt alternatives as well as being fantastic pet-friendly and animal-friendly ice melts.

How does rock salt harm plants?

The salt and water mixture can influence the soil microbes and particles as well as the plant roots. In particular, this leads to water stress where plants can’t absorb enough water. In itself, this can cause depressed growth and yield. Ultimately the plants may shrivel and die.

Salt can also upset the soil quality by displacing potassium and phosphorous. As result plants can become deficient in them and experience nutrient problems.

Another thing that can happen when you use lots of rock salt is it tightens up particles in the soil. This action results in more compaction, therefore restricting drainage and aeration. Both of these can make it more difficult for roots to grow.

What do salt damaged plants look like?

For untrained eyes, it’s not easy trying to identify salt injury symptoms. This is because they replicate the marks of drought damage. In both scenarios, leaf discolouration happens. However, in the case of salt damage, it shows up on the leaf’s edges. When the drought takes its toll, discolouration occurs all over the leaves. The ideal way of inspecting damage here is to get a tree surgeon to carry out an inspection.

At EcoGrit, we aim to offer clients solutions that are both good for the environment and effective. Our eco-friendly de-icer works better than salt in all kinds of settings. Furthermore, since the granules are smaller, you can spread them more evenly.

If you want to purchase our products, please get in touch or browse our website. Buying online is easy and we can arrange quick delivery.

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