From working in the road repairs industry it soon became apparent to me that the rock salt that is put down on our roads does an unbelievable amount of damage.

This damage isn’t just to the roads, rock salt corrodes and rusts any metalwork it is in contact with, as well as any vehicles which use them. It puts high levels of salt back into the watercourse and does damage to most living things including plants and animals.

Nature locks away rock salt deep in the earth, it contains heavy metals and other nasty things that can do harm to living plants and creatures. It makes no sense to dig deep in the ground to find it and then throw it around everywhere ( it’s not even treated to make it safer ), just to try and get rid of the ice and snow on the ground. Other countries use adapted nailed tyres and tyres with special treads to combat this. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough consistent snow for these options, as nailed tyres would destroy our roads while the snow wasn’t present.

Rock salt doesn’t work for the purpose it is put down for if the temperatures drop below -7 Centigrade, which often seems to happen now in the UK.

After looking into all of this deeper I started finding links between cancer in pets and rock salt. I thought that there need to be some changes made and that is why I have this product for sale ( online only ).

My product “EcoGrit Concentrate”, is bio-degradable. It is made mainly from waste products that go to landfill site from the cereals industry. As it is processed, a number of things are added including rust inhibitors, so that way, it will protect metal things instead of rusting them.

EcoGrit Concentrate is safe for both plants and animals ( and therefore children ), it’s concentrated so it will last a long time once it is put down ( as long as rain doesn’t wash it away ). I have placed my product into the freezer at home after melting ice with it and it had trouble re-freezing it even though the temperature was -24 Centigrade.

I have packaged the product in sizes to make it easy to use for most people, especially the elderly as many of them can be uneasy on their feet in the winter and they also have pets.

I believe and hope that if we can get enough people using EcoGrit Concentrate around the country, we would be able to start producing it all over the country by region. This would not only lower transport costs, but it would also lower production costs making it cheaper for everyone, it would reduce the amount we put in landfill sites and hopefully local councils could start using it on all roads. This, in turn, would greatly reduce the number of potholes around and would be much kinder to the environment and to our pets.

Please, please send your thoughts and experiences of EcoGrit Concentrate in the contact section and when I have so many I will create another page so others can see them. I will also be setting up a Facebook page for people to ask questions and leave reviews.

This is a new business venture for me, I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that you will be a part of the journey to make the end result a reality, which is to stop the widespread use of rock salt and similar products that damage our environment and to reduce what we put into landfill sites.

EcoGrit Concentrates range of Ice melt and de-icer products: