At the recent COP26 climate change summit, held in Glasgow, world leaders made promises and agreed on deadlines for their countries to become carbon-neutral. These laudable aims come with huge commitments to change long-established manufacturing processes and lifestyle habits. The world will watch with interest as they work to achieve all that they set out to do in Scotland this November. Embracing sustainable de-icing is one of the ways of the efforts towards environmental preservation.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a President or Prime Minister to make a positive impact on the world around you. Making small changes to place sustainability first can also help protect our planet’s future. EcoGrit is an organically derived ice melt that produces excellent results down to minus 20 degrees C.

Sustainable De-Icing

The product also provides sustainable de-icing, a safer alternative to using rock salt to clear snow and ice. It has been carefully formulated to achieve the same, if not superior, ice melting results than rock salt without leaving harmful residue, blocking drains or inexorably altering the delicate ecosystems around it.

Why EcoGrit Can Help With Sustainable De-icing

EcoGrit is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable de-icer that is organically derived. It does not contain harmful ingredients such as rock salt or urea, which are toxic to surrounding habitats and wildlife. The granules can be sprinkled before a frost arrives and work for up to seven days afterwards. They are non-corrosive, so they will not harm people or animals nor require harsh cleaning afterwards. Here are four more reasons why EcoGrit can help you and your business operate more sustainably this winter:

1· Rock Salt-Free

Rock salt, or sodium chloride, has long been the method of choice for melting unwanted ice and snow. The chemical makeup of the salt lowers the temperature of the ice, causing it to melt back into water. However, the salt has to go somewhere, and this ends up being the surrounding soil systems, water sources and groundwater. Many areas are reporting salinity levels being affected in lakes, rivers and streams, which leads to problems for both resident wildlife and human consumption.

alternative to rock salt - ecogrit

Hence, it is not an environmentally friendly and sustainable de-icing technique. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove salt once it has got into the soil or water sources. Equally, too much chloride entering water can be fatal for fish and other aquatic life. Finally, rock salt can stunt plant growth, causing delayed budding, brown leaves and scorching. These effects will be felt all the way through the food chain.

2· Urea-free

Urea is another harmful ingredient that can be found in de-icers – although not in EcoGrit! It is also commonly found in fertilisers. Right from its initial production and processing, urea can cause problems. For example, urea plants can leak poisonous gases, such as ammonia. These can then enter water supplies and pollute the air. Urea itself also damages soil ecosystems, groundwater and surrounding habitats. If animals ingest it, it can harm their internal systems. It can be absorbed by their feet and paws and carried a long way away from the original de-icing area. Eliminating urea from the process enables a more sustainable de-icing solution.

EcoGrit and the Environment: Embracing Sustainable De-icing

3· Simply Melts Away

The crystals contained within EcoGrit have been carefully designed to melt away, leaving minimal residue for a more sustainable de-icing process. They will not block drainage systems like sand or grit can do. This means that water and drains can flow more easily, which helps reduce the environmental impact caused by overflowing sewage or dirty water. EcoGrit also works for up to seven days, reducing the number of applications you need. It is also non-corrosive to surfaces, walls and vehicles. This keeps assets in good condition for longer so that the environmental impact of repairs and replacements can also be minimised.

4· Sustainable Packaging

There is a growing emphasis on packaging products sustainably right now, which helps to reduce single-use plastic. EcoGrit Concentrate is a granular product that is soluble in water. This cuts down on packaging required as the granules take up less space than pre-dissolved liquid ice melt alternatives for sustainable de-icing.

EcoGrit and the Environment: Embracing Sustainable De-icing

Also, EcoGrit is also available wholesale, which cuts down on packaging even more. The product is available in half-tonne and one-tonne bags for wholesale customers’ long-term storage without the additional plastics needed to keep lots of smaller quantities on hand. Orders are sent directly to the department responsible for business maintenance which reduces driving miles too.