Car park deicers for ice melting

Car Park Ice Melting Deicers

Car parks in the winter are prone to several weather-related risks, not the least laying snow and icy patches. These can cause both vehicles and pedestrians to slip and slide, leading to injuries and accidents. Ensuring that you have a good stock of ice-melting deicers is therefore critical if you want to keep your car parks open throughout the colder temperatures and challenging weather conditions of winter. Look out for a salt-free deicer such as EcoGrit to avoid corrosive salt residue damaging the underside of vehicles, not to mention pedestrians’ shoes and animals’ paws.

Deicers for all surfaces without mess

EcoGrit’s organically derived ice melt products are designed to treat a wide array of surfaces without leaving any harmful residue or mess. The melted water simply flows away, removing the risk of sliding on slippery black ice. Car parks with concrete, tarmac, gravel, grass and other surfaces can all be treated with EcoGrit. This makes it a highly reliable, versatile product to keep close by this winter. Clearing away the ice also makes it easier for drivers to identify directional arrows and parking space guidelines, making the area even safer to navigate.

Are ice-melting grits good for your cars?

car parks deicer for ice melting

It is vital to use a salt-free ice melting grit in freezing temperatures in order to avoid corroding the underside of your car. It is also a more environmentally-friendly option. If you use a salt-free ice melt such as EcoGrit, the melted water will simply run off safely, leaving you free to drive your car without having to worry about slipping and sliding on the ice and snow underneath the wheels. You can also use EcoGrit to deice frozen windscreens, headlights and car door locks. The organic, salt and urea free formula will help keep your paintwork free from damage.

Why use EcoGrit Car Park Deicer for ice-melt?

It is very important to clear away any snow or icy patches from car parks as quickly as possible. Just one car losing control on a slippery patch can cause a great deal of damage and risk injury for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. EcoGrit works fast, is organically derived and is safe for the environment since it doesn’t contain any corrosive salt or urea. Using EcoGrit helps to keep queues, accidents and delays to a minimum.

Deicer for Car Parks: pros and cons

Using a deicer in your car park has many advantages. It is quick and easy to apply. You can put it down the night before a frost is expected, and it will start working right away and keep on having a positive effect on the ice for up to seven days. The safe formula will enable water to simply run off without causing any harm to the surroundings, people, vehicles or animals. Your car park will remain safe and sound too, as the ingredients are carefully designed to avoid damaging concrete and other surfaces.

Is deicer bad for your car?

You can use a deicing product on your car so long as it doesn’t contain any salt or urea. These ingredients are corrosive and can cause damage to the underside and bodywork of your vehicle. Choose a salt-free deicer to treat icy road and car park surfaces to protect your car. Avoid using salt to clear ice and snow from your car windscreen and mirrors too. Salt can also cause damage to painted bodywork and glass. Never throw boiling water over your windscreen to clear it, as the sudden temperature change could cause the glass to shatter.

Side-effects of deicers for cars

The type of side effects that you can get from using a deicer product on your car will depend entirely on the ice melt’s ingredients and strength. Look for deicers that do not contain rock salt to avoid your car or vehicle from being damaged by corrosive salt residue on its underside of bodywork. Salt can also be walked inside the car on people’s shoes, which can damage the carpets and upholstery. Always wash your pets’ feet before getting back in the car after a winter walk. This is primarily to protect your pets from injury, but it also has the advantage of keeping any remaining salt away from the inside of your car.


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