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Hi All and welcome to EcoGrit, where our aim is to help protect our environment by reducing the use of rock salt and urea whilst at the same time offering customers “peace of mind” over the winter period. We provide a safe & convenient way to reduce accidents around the home, and if carried in your vehicle, there is a lesser chance that you become stranded in icy conditions resulting in abandoning your vehicle. EcoGrit Concentrate prevents/melts ice & snow in car parks, farmyards, playgrounds, walkways, gardens, steps etc.

Times Are Changing, and We Need To
Change With Them

Areas where rock salt is used most is quite evident. Potholes are in abundance, and the whole road surface is starting to fall apart. The government recognises and accepts an overall deterioration of 3% annually to our roads from this. At this rate, we don’t have the manpower to fix the entire network of existing potholes in a 12 month period.

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