Ecogrit ice melt is a safer alternative for deicing snow and ice. In winter, the frost, ice and snow can play havoc with vehicles and driving for various reasons. Motorists must ensure that their vehicles are not at risk of being damaged or compromised by built-up ice or snow on the windscreen or underneath.

In addition, they must keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure that their winter journey will not be too dangerous if ice, snow, fog or high winds are predicted. Finally, one of the most challenging aspects of winter driving is knowing how to handle frozen surfaces and that most treacherous of all road conditions: black ice.

Be Ready for Ice and Snow This Winter

From carrying out adequate winter vehicle maintenance to ensuring you always have sufficient EcoGrit ice melt supplies in your car, here are some ideas to help keep you safe and on the move this winter.

1· Get Your Car Winter-Ready

You would never venture outside in the cold without wearing warm clothing or taking proper precautions against trickier weather conditions. Similarly, it would be best to not drive anywhere in the winter without making sure your car is prepared. Always check that your oil, coolant fluid, water and screen wash reservoirs are topped up and that you have more than enough petrol to get where you need to be.

de-Icing Snow - Ecogrit Ice Melt

Check the tyre pressures are correct for the predicted weather and temperatures, or switch to winter tyres if you are able. Ensure your wiper blades are in good condition and not too bald – replace them if necessary. Do a run-through of all your electrics, especially the lights, to ensure all is well there, too, before setting off.

2· Pack Up Properly to Prepare

Take some time to pack extra supplies in case you do run into trouble against adverse weather conditions on your journey. Always have plenty of EcoGrit ice melt spray in the boot or glove compartment, ready to clear ice from windscreens or frozen surfaces wherever you are.

Rock salt alternatives - ecogrit handheld shaker

This can also help de-ice padlocks, gates and garage door mechanisms when you reach your destination. Other items to take with you on a winter driving trip include a torch with spare batteries, a first-aid kit, blankets, extra jumpers, emergency food and water and a fully charged mobile phone.

3· Forecast for the Win

Checking the weather forecast ahead of your winter journey can help you plan more effectively in Checking the weather forecast ahead of your winter journey can help you plan more effectively in advance. If possible, look a few days before to see whether any dangerous weather is predicted. It may be necessary to reschedule your journey for a different day, and the more notice to do this, the better. Nearer the time, work out where any localised bad weather spots will be, particularly fog or snow. You may be able to rework your timings to avoid the worst of it by leaving earlier or later than initially planned.

4· Safer Ice Clearance

Always clear both front and back windscreens entirely of any frost or ice. It is both unwise and illegal to clear a small hole to peer out of for fairly obvious safety reasons. Never throw boiling water over a frozen windscreen as the sudden temperature change could crack the glass. Avoid scraping it too rigorously too. Instead, use EcoGrit ice melt spray to safely and effectively clear the ice.

Drive Safely This Winter: The Effective Use of Ecogrit Ice Melt

The organically-derived, salt-free formula works down to minus 20 degrees °C and is safe for humans, pets, vehicles and the surrounding environment. Don’t forget to clear any built-up snow from the top of your vehicle as well before any winter driving. It could slide down the sides while driving and obscure your view if left up there.

5· Freeing up Frozen Surfaces

EcoGrit ice melt is highly effective for use on all sorts of frozen surfaces. The granules can be scattered on icy driveways, roads and pavements to help clear, slippery ice and frost. Always keep supplies at home ready to use on frosty mornings. The granules can also be made into a spray for use on vehicle windscreens, gate padlocks, garage doors and railings. It can save a lot of time using EcoGrit rather than waiting for the sun to warm up the frozen ground or clear an icy windscreen.

EcoGrit ice melt is safer than boiling water, which can refreeze into an even more slippery, invisible sheet of ice. Finally, EcoGrit is more environmentally-friendly to use than rock salt. This is because it contains no toxic chemicals that harm wildlife, pets and surrounding ecosystems. Using EcoGrit can also help you reduce some of the negative environmental impacts accompanying winter driving.