Many people use rock salt to melt snow and ice around their property, including on drives, paths, and steps. While it can make surfaces safer, there are issues with using it. One of the most important is the risk of Rock Salt For Pets is it injuring pets. Because of this, there is a lot of demand for pet-friendly alternatives to rock salt.

What harm does rock salt cause?

Dogs and cats can both be harmed by excessive salt. The big problem for your dog is it will get on their paws and fur when they walk over a surface it has been used on. When the temperature rises the residue can cause burns and even ulcers. This can then lead to infection. Intestinal problems can also occur if dogs lick lots of salt off their paws and fur.

The chemicals in rock salt can be very toxic to cats. If they lick excessive amounts of it they may suffer from gastrointestinal distress. This can have some very unpleasant symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea. In the worst cases, high salt intake can result in seizures and even death.

Rock salt poisoning in pets 

Rock salt poisoning in pets can be extremely serious and can lead to permanent damage or death. Symptoms of salt poisoning in cats and dogs include extreme thirst, frequent urinating, fever, fast heartbeat, convulsions, sickness and breathing problems. They can also present with a swollen tongue, confusion, an unsteady gait and lethargy. Symptoms will worsen as the dog’s condition grows more acute. Too much salt in the blood is known as hypernatremia and requires immediate emergency medical help. 

Is rock salt safe for dogs? 

Rock salt is highly dangerous to dogs, especially in high doses. Ingesting it can lead to salt poisoning, which can prove fatal if left untreated for too long. Rock salt used as a deicer in winter months can be particularly harmful to dogs as they walk on treated surfaces and the salt stays on their paws for a long time afterwards. It must be washed off paws and fur thoroughly after a winter walk. To prevent rock salt from attaching to dogs like this, use a salt-free deicer like EcoGrit to melt frozen surfaces in winter. 


Salt for Dogs

Salt can be extremely dangerous for dogs, whether taken orally or absorbed through contact with seawater or paws walking on frozen surfaces that have been treated with rock salt. Choose low-salt food options that contain no more than 1.5g of salt per 100g. To keep dogs safe in the winter, do not use rock salt or sodium chloride-based ice melt products to clear ice and snow from frozen surfaces. Use naturally derived products instead, such as EcoGrit. Always wash your dog’s paws thoroughly after a winter walk or swimming in the sea. 

Why it’s dangerous to have salt on a dog’s paws?

When dogs are taken outside in icy conditions, their paws come into contact with frozen surfaces that may or may not have been treated with rock salt. This is highly harmful to dogs paws, as it is corrosive and can damage the surface of the skin. The rock salt can also get into any cuts on the paw and enter the bloodstream. This can lead to problems with the kidneys and the dog’s immune system. Stay away from treated surfaces as much as possible and wash your dog’s paws thoroughly at the end of each walk or time spent outside.

Is rock salt poisonous to cats? 

Rock salt can be very harmful to cats in the winter months if it is used to deice frozen roads and walkways. Cats often wander a fair distance away from home and can also drink from puddles along the way. Rock salt that remains in the melted ice can get onto cats’ paws or be swallowed from a puddle, causing salt poisoning in high enough doses. This can prove fatal and requires immediate veterinary attention. To protect wandering carts in the winter, switch to a pet-safe deicer such as EcoGrit to clear paths and, roads and driveways. 

A better alternative

The UK is one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world. As a result, it is not surprising that people want to use de-icers that are safe for their pets. Avoiding rock salt is a wise move.

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