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Pet-friendly, sustainable snow melt that harmlessly turns snow that has settled on surfaces back into water.
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Snow Melt Granules

We offer a safe & convenient way to reduce accidents occurred by snow with Ecogrit Ice Melt UK.

Eco-friendly snow melting Granules

EcoGrit is pet-friendly, sustainable snowmelt that harmlessly turns snow that has settled on surfaces back into water. It comes in granules that can be sprinkled directly or mixed with water to form a spray. EcoGrit can be applied before the snow is forecast to enable it to start working straight away. It works down to temperatures of minus 20 degrees C, and the effects can last for up to seven days. Check out the EcoGrit website to find out how to order supplies so that you can always be prepared for snow. 

Our products are only sent directly to the consumer and are helping keep places of work, education, worship and construction open. We also supply councils, delivery drivers, taxis, logistical companies and anyone with workers out on the road. Our products are non-corrosive, safe for children, plants & animals (even if ingested), and can be used or stored year after year without any problems.

If you have any questions at all about Eco-friendly grit for snow, then please contact us via this site or social media. Our aim is to help educate, serve and work with you whilst protecting what’s dear to you.

Snow Melt Granules

Pet friendly

Snow Melt Granules

work for up
to 7 days

Snow Melt Granules

works down
to -20 0c

Snow Melt Granules

use early to
stop ice forming

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EcoGrit Concentrate prevents/melts ice & snow in car parks,
farmyards, playgrounds, walkways, gardens, steps etc.

How to get snow to melt ?

Snow melts back into water when temperatures rise above its freezing point, turning the solid flakes back into water. Snowmelt products are available to speed up the process by causing a chemical reaction to increase the temperature. There are many ways to melt snow, including applying an eco-friendly ice melt. EcoGrit contains no corrosive or toxic ingredients that could harm animals or humans if touched or ingested. For even faster results, use a shovel to clear any excess snow from the surface first. Always leave cleared snow somewhere safe where it will not cause any problems for other people or vehicles.

What melts snow?

Choose EcoGrit to melt snow from your exterior surfaces this winter. EcoGrit melts the snow with a chemical reaction that raises its temperature above zero degrees C. The water can then run off harmlessly into the ground. No toxic residues or corrosive salt deposits remain in the water, so no surrounding ecosystems, habitats, groundwater systems or wildlife are harmed. Other ways to get rid of snow safely include shovelling any excess and waiting for temperatures to rise as the day warms up. EcoGrit can be applied the night before the snow is expected to help prevent it from laying in the first place.


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5KG ice Melt Bucket
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Frequently Asked Qusetions

EcoGrit is an environmentally conscious company that would like to serve people by offering them education, insight, “peace of mind”, and the chance to make a positive difference on a monumental scale at a time when winter weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable.

From working in the road repairs industry, it soon became apparent to me that the rock salt put down on our roads does an unbelievable amount of damage.

This damage isn’t just to the roads. Rock salt corrodes and rusts any metalwork it is in contact with, as well as any vehicles which use them. It puts high levels of salt back into the watercourse and damages most living things, including plants and animals.

Rock salt has long been a common choice when it comes to clearing away ice and snow from outdoor surfaces due to its affordability, availability and ease of application. However, the longer-term effects of using it are far from ideal and can outweigh any short-term benefits considerably.
De-icing products are vital in many settings, such as pavements and driveways, so people don’t slip. We know a fair bit about rock salt – a common choice that can negatively affect concrete surfaces.
Many people use rock salt to melt snow and ice around their property, including drives, paths, and steps. While it can make surfaces safer, there are issues with using it. One of the most critical issues is the risk of injuring pets. Because of this, there is high demand for pet-friendly alternatives to rock salt.
I would like to introduce my company, EcoGrit, and our product, EcoGrit Concentrate. We can keep schools and businesses open safely throughout the winter months without damaging the grounds or buildings, risking the children (rock salt), or bringing mess inside the school.
Dogs’ paws are delicate and can easily become irritated, injured or sore when they are exposed to something harmful underfoot. Rock salt contains sodium chloride, which can irritate the pads on canine paws and cause digestion and stomach issues if ingested, e.g. if the dog licks its paws to get rid of the salt. Dogs can also walk the salt indoors, causing damage to carpets and flooring and spreading the risk of other pets swallowing it and becoming unwell as a result.

Where and what can I use it for?

Environmental Benefits

Better value than salt/rock salts

So protect yourself, your premises and your pocket this winter.