Are You a Scraper or De-icer?

Now you don’t need to be either. The Problem Deicers used to be in aerosol cans but nowadays they are in cheap plastic throwaway bottles.

What Will Our Future Look Like?

UK becomes the first major economy to pass net-zero emissions law The aim: to help stop Global Warming. The problem: our country becomes colder in

Why I Started This Business?

From working in the road repairs industry it soon became apparent to me that the rock salt that is put down on our roads does

Rock Salt Damage to Plants

We are a business that’s known for providing eco-friendly de-icer products that is much gentler than rock salt. Our goods are capable of melting snow

Does Rock Salt Damage Concrete?

De-icing products are vital in many settings, such as pavements and driveways, so that people don’t slip. We know a fair bit about rock salt,

Is Rock Salt Safe for Pets?

Many people use rock salt to melt snow and ice around their property, including on drives, paths, and steps. While it can make surfaces safer,


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